7F VienDong Building, 36 HoangCau, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam. Business license No. 0107287274

OCG Technology JSC


Company name: OCG Technology Joint Stock Company (OCG Technology JSC.)

Establishment: 2016

Major shareholder: VMG Media (Vietnamese) 50.5%, NTTe-Asia (Japanese) 49%

Charter capital: 100 billions VND

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. KONDO Shunichi

Staff:   30 people

Address: 7th Floor, Vien Dong building, 36 Hoang Cau, O Cho Dua ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Business license: 0107287274

Website: http://english.ocg.vn

Mission: Providing multi-platform IT solutions for the benefit of the community and improving service quality for Vietnamese society.