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OCG Technology JSC


Smart Education

Smart Education System of NTT East is one of the highly appreciated systems and is being applied by many Japanese schools to serve teaching work. It consists of 5 components, that are: smart teaching system; canvas lessons for classes; connection system and ICT support staff. In which, OCG will provide solutions, contents related to teaching and learning activities; while VNPT…
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Multi- QR code payment support platform

Payment on mobile devices is becoming a new payment trend in Vietnamese consumption habits. A series of mobile payment solutions are born to meet the needs of users. Facing the new development trend in the payment sector, OCG Technology Joint Stock Company provides a payment support facility to connect easily and conveniently without having to use cash or card. This…
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Goocus (Multi-device smart learning management solution)

Modern learning management solution using cloud computing technology. Users can study / practice test anywhere, anytime on smart devices such as PC / iPad / Smartphone. Goocus allows teachers to update and track learning progress in an visualized way. In addition, Goocus allows flexible and instant online interaction between learners and teachers / exam / learning content management.

Training of coding by Ozobot

The magical Ozobot world, colors of programming language ​is encapsulated in a small candy-like robot called Ozobot. With the desire to bring to children the natural, intimate and passionate programming lessons, the program with the walking “candies” are officially licensed by OCG from Castalia Company- Company specialized in education in Japan to teach in Vietnam. By reading Ozocode color codes…
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Cloud Game service on MyTV

Intellectual games on TV using cloud technology are provided exclusively on MyTV Interactive Television Service provided by VNPT.  With no equipment included, no download time, healthy family bonding is the outstanding advantage of this new service. With multi types of games, unique content, and realistic and vivid 3D images, Cloud Game is an indispensable choice for each family’s entertainment needs.…
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