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Training of coding by Ozobot

The magical Ozobot world, colors of programming language ​is encapsulated in a small candy-like robot called Ozobot. With the desire to bring to children the natural, intimate and passionate programming lessons, the program with the walking “candies” are officially licensed by OCG from Castalia Company- Company specialized in education in Japan to teach in Vietnam.

By reading Ozocode color codes using optical sensors to move, Ozobot gives children many interesting experiences as well as the ability to think logically through creative illustrations. At a higher level, children can program to control Ozobot at will through block programming, drag-and-drop commands on tablets with the help of App Ozoblockly. When using the Ozoblokly App on a tablet for programming, children can immediately observe their creative results: in a split second, Ozobot has finished loading the program through light communication between the robot and the iPad without using cable or Bluetooth.

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